Scavi and Ray Al Cioccolato 75cl

Scavi & Ray provides an entirely brand new take on taste, blending two very different flavors to produce a deliciously unique flavor. An exquisite fruity aroma fills the air as soon as the bottle is open stimulating the senses. The palate follows, opening up with delicate Italian chocolate notes, delicate cherry and light plum making every sip a truly fascinating taste experience. An absolute eye-catcher with a deliciously creamy body. Best served with pasta, game, beef and lamb.

750ml - Bottle

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"Amazing! Sweet and deliciously flavored like chocolate. Chocolate and Vanilla rolls nice on the tongue!" Larry Michienzi, Vivino

Additional notes

Alcohol Content




Bottle Seal

Screw Cap

Flavours & Spices

Cherry, Chocolate, Plum

Flavour Profile

Light & Savory

Grape Varieties

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