Kombucha deliveries in Nairobi

Kombucha, or Kombucha tea, is a fermented drink. It is slightly alcoholic with a light effervescence. Its origin contends between Northeastern China, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Because of its health benefits, Kombucha is mostly consumed as a functional beverage. Its production includes fermenting tea. This, using a symbiotic culture of probiotic bacteria and yeast.

In addition to its refreshing nature, Kombucha has unconfirmed health benefits. For instance, the ability to cure arthritis, anorexia, and diabetes.

In conclusion, Kombucha is a drink worth trying. Either on its own or as part of a mixed drink. We stock a variety, ranging from the classics, spiced, and limade.

Go through our collection below. Feel free to order for Kombucha deliveries in Nairobi

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