Dessert Wine

Skip the heavy dessert option for something that makes your palate twinkle! We’ve done our homework and stocked up on the best dessert wines for you! Dessert Wine can also be categorized into Port, Tawny or Sherry. Bring your taste buds alive by placing your order today and enjoy a fast and easy delivery of your favourite Dessert Wine.

Dessert wines are uniquely curated with extra-sweet wine grapes. The sweetness of these grapes is achieved by leaving the grapes on the vine for longer than the equivalent dry wines. This results to a blend that is absolutely rich and sweet. The delicious character of Dessert wines makes this a great option to serve right after a meal to rinse your palate.

Food Pairing: As mentioned earlier, this wine is a great dessert option. It can also be paired perfectly with smoked meat and soft cheese.

Recommended Wine Glass: The common glasses for dessert wines are sippers, port glasses and sherry glasses. The short, stout stem of this glass allows you to hold it without your hands warming up lowering the standard of the wine. The miniature shape intensifies the rich scent and delicious flavors.

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