Red Wine

Sometimes happy hour tends to happen in the comfort of your own home, and red wine makes things so much better. We’ve got a variety of grapes and vintages that you can choose from. No matter what vibe you’re after, there are plenty of luscious and exhilarating red blends to choose from. Browse through our exclusive selection and enjoy a fast and safe delivery.

Red Wine
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Red wine is produced from both red and black grapes. The fermentation process incorporates grape skin, grape pip and the seeds. To bring out the bright red color, tannins, aroma and flavors the blend is fermented in very high temperature. If you are new to red wine, your exceptional tasting journey should begin with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.

Food Pairing: A light-bodied red wine is best served with white meat, grilled vegetables or chicken. A medium and full bodied blend goes well with meat delicacies such as smoked meat and hamburgers. Asian dishes are also an excellent serve.

Recommended Wine Glass: Vintage red wine tastes best when you allow the wine to breathe (Oxidation). Therefore, aged blends should be poured in a big bowl red wine glass allowing more oxygen to come into contact with the blend. If you are enjoying a much younger, fresh red wine you can stick to the standard wine glass. The slightly narrow rim allows you to enjoy the intricacies of the wine.