Absolut Peppar 75cl

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Absolut Peppar is an aromatic, complex and spicy Swedish vodka. The history of this vodka dates back to 1986. Since Vodka and Pepper are the dominant ingredients in a Bloody Mary, this blend was uniquely curated to serve as a perfect alternative. A robust, full-bodied fusion with the aroma and flavor of roasted grilled peppers, green tomato and dried herbs. Explosive, peppery flavors add a great zest and concentration.

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Absolut Peppar 75cl
Absolut Peppar 75cl Price: 1,879/-

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“One of my favorites when mixing a Bloody Mary. Adds a subtle boost to my already spicy mix with no harsh or overbearing tones.”  - Trevor Pur, Prof66
Absolut Peppar 75cl

About The Absolut Peppar

This superb, neutral vodka first appeared in 1979. Distilled from grain grown in the fields of Southern Sweden. Absolut was conceived as a pure product with its own peculiar Sweden identity. The distinctive bottle has a wonderful design with a very attractive red text. The word “Peppar” stands out with a very distinct red touch and the cursive touch to the rest of the text adds to the bottle’s elegance.  The look of the spirit is very clear with no inclusions what so ever. The scent of the vodka is very spicy. It smells as if pepper seeds were ground together.


Clean, Hot and spicy


The piquant, intense opening bouquet offers prickly darts of black pepper and hot red chilli pepper. Palate entry is mildly hot and spicy giving off deep tastes of dried red chilli pepper; at mid-palate, there’s a brief respite but at the finish the chili pepper heat returns, most pleasantly.


San Francisco WSC 2010


Absolut Peppar 75cl

San Francisco WSC 2011


Absolut Peppar 75cl

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Chilli, Green bell, Jalapeño

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