Bacardi 10 Years 75cl

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The Bacardi Diez 10 year old rum is a luxurious and fruity blend aged for ten years under the Caribbean sun. It is characterized by a bright and dark coppery hue with a dry spicy aroma. The palate is excellently balanced with notes of peach, plum, banana, pear and caramelized vanilla.  Gran Reserva Diez is best enjoyed neat. One to sip and savour.

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“Very smooth gold rum. Bacardi got this one right. Sips well with ice. Never too harsh with a nice easy finish.” – Erico, RumRatings.
Bacardi 10 Years 75cl

About The Bacardi 10

Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez has been filtered through charcoal for “a rich and soothing finish”. It has been aged for 10 years adding to the complexity of the flavor and the mouthfeel.

In The Bottle

Bacardi has been modernizing the new label for a few years now. The current look is quite nice. The new labeling clarifies the age statements  The overall presentation is simple and understated. It is as if to say the iconic Bacardi name and logo as well as the 10-year-old age statement are sufficient enough to catch the consumer’s eye.

In The Glass

The rum carries a somewhat dark coppery hue in the glass, and when that glass is tilted and twirled you will notice thick legs which drop from the spirit’s crest. The aroma is somewhat spicy as a firm dusty oak presence dominates the breezes above the glass. Allow the glass to breathe for several minutes and you will notice wisps of banana and coconut and some light impressions of marmalade

On The Palate

The initial flavour represents a nice melding of butterscotch, treacle, almond and vanilla with fine oak spice and a light smokiness. Charred barrels used to age at least a portion of the rum stocks are definitely hinted at. There is also the firm fruity quality reminding me of bits of raisin and dried plum, as well as some canned fruit. Once you allow the blend to breathe you there is a light winding of coconut, hints of banana, and a further building up of the oak and baking spices.

The excellent balance of flavors allows you to enjoy the blend neat over ice. Mixing an Old Fashioned adds a touch of sweetness and brings flavours of caramel and marmalade forward.

In The Throat

The rum is medium bodied which gives the spirit a mid-length finish. A rush of spice through the palate to the back of the mouth serves to induce another sip. Oak and baking spice linger with light impressions of marmalade, cocoa and walnut.

Additional notes

Alcohol Content




Bottle Seal


Flavours & Spices

Banana, Peach, Pear, Plum, Vanilla

Country of Origin




Between 10 and 15 years old


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