Chivas XV Regal 15 Year 750ml


With a combination of long-maturity and a selective cognac cask finish, the Chivas XV 15 Years is created to provide a refined, fruity, and velvety taste that leaves a long unbelievable finish. Its commendable structure makes it a signature celebratory drink.


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Chivas Regal XV 15 years
Chivas XV Regal 15 Year 750ml 6,359/-

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The Chivas XV 15 Years is yet another successful blend in the wide Chivas Regal Collection. It was introduced in 2018 by the master blender, Sandy Hyslop as a celebratory blended Scotch whisky. It was born as the Chivas company tried to accommodate modern experiences to the Chivas tradition. The blend is aged at a minimum of 15 years to induce rich flavors. A portion of the whisky is later paired with another portion finished in cognac casks. The combination of a long maturity and the selective cognac cask finish makes the Chivas XV 15 Years the definite celebratory drink.

While describing the tasting notes, the Chivas XV 15 Years has a refined, fruity, and velvety taste due to the cognac cask finish. Its aroma is sweet and rich to the nose. One can smell honey, homemade orange marmalade, cinnamon, red apples, and juicy sultanas. The Chivas XV 15 Years hits the tongue with an unbelievably fruity and smooth palate. Its flavors are molded with caramel toffee, butterscotch, and porched pears. On the finish, the blend is rounded with a touch of vanilla. The Chivas group recommends Chivas XV cocktails. Due to its cognac cask finish, the blend marries well with champagne.

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  • 750ml @ KES 6,359

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Between 15 and 20 years old

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