Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose 750ml


Indulge in Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose, a 750ml delight of the South African vineyards, artfully combining Muscat and red grape varietals, to present a lush, fruity, and pleasantly sweet palate that dances with lively strawberry and tropical fruit notes.


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Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose
Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose 750ml 999/-

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An Ode to Elegance: Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose

Welcome to a sensory journey through the vineyards of South Africa with the Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose. Available in a generous 750ml bottle through Oaks & Corks, your premier alcohol delivery service in Nairobi, this rose wine delicately intertwines the sun-kissed sweetness of natural sugars with a vivacious fruitiness that whispers tales of the fertile Cape Winelands.

Tasting Notes: A Ballet of Aromas and Flavours

The Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose presents an elegant ballet of flavours, gracing the palate with soft whispers of strawberry and a gentle embrace of tropical fruit notes. The vibrant pink hue invites you to a lush landscape, where sweetness and acidity dance in harmonious balance, cradling your senses in a gentle, fruity caress, and whispering soft melodies of sunny vineyards and gentle breezes.

The Story Behind Drostdy Hof: Vines Rooted in History

The Drostdy Hof collection, a cornerstone in the Rose Wine category, embarks on a story rooted deep within the South African Winelands. Established within the historic town of Tulbagh, the vineyards are kissed by an optimal climate, allowing the grapes to bask in generous sunlight and mature to full, sweet fruition. The creation of their Natural Sweet Rose witnesses a meticulous blend of Muscat and choice red varietals, ensuring each sip is a harmonious echo of quality and tradition.

Conclusion: Your Sweet Escape Awaits

Allow us to bring the embrace of Drostdy Hof’s vineyards to your doorstep. Navigate through a seamless ordering experience with Oaks & Corks, ensuring that the blissful sweetness of the Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose is but a click away.

Deliver a moment of indulgence to your doorstep in Nairobi, and let the Oaks & Corks delivery service transform an ordinary evening into an extraordinary sensory journey.

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  • 750ml @ KES 999

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Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose 750ml Drostdy Hof Natural Sweet Rose 750ml
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