Harmony Ginzansi 75cl
Harmony Ginzansi 75cl
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Harmony Ginzansi 75cl

Price: 4,279/-

The Harmony Ginzansi blend is inspired and specially curated by the beautiful Mzansi people. The community  focused on producing an all-inclusive Gin from specially selected botanicals that represent the nine provinces in South Africa. They then delicately vapor infuse the harvested plants generating a high-quality handcrafted gin with a delicious juniper flavor.

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Harmony Ginzansi

About This Gin

This signature Harmony Gin is curated by filtering 10 delicately selected botanicals in small batches using a technique called vapor infusion. This technique allows the alcohol vapors to pass over the botanicals, condensing the complex aromas and flavors to form a more natural, more delicate tasting gin.  A percentage of unaged gin is then married over several days, with the finest honeybush tea leaves, mixed back together and rested, enhancing the texture to alter it into a delicate amber-hued gin.  


The Key ingredient in this gin is an indigenous herbal tea from South Africa and is known for its pleasant sweet taste and flavor. It grows in the fynbos biome (which is recognized as one of the six botanical kingdoms of the world) in a region along the coast, surrounded by mountain ranges.

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