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Elevate your celebrations with Independent Prosecco 75cl, a vibrant sparkling wine from Italy featuring enticing aromas of green apple, pear, and floral notes. Order now for prompt delivery within Nairobi and make any occasion special!


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Embrace life’s memorable moments with Independent Prosecco 75cl, a lively and invigorating sparkling wine that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Born in the heart of Italy’s renowned Prosecco region, where the tradition of winemaking dates back centuries, this exquisite bubbly is crafted from Glera grapes. The region’s unique microclimate and fertile soil provide the ideal conditions for these grapes to flourish, contributing to the wine’s signature crisp and fruity profile.

At Oaks & Corks, we’re dedicated to delivering the finest alcohol from around the world to your doorstep in Nairobi in less than 30 minutes. Discover our extensive collection of Sparkling Wines and make your celebrations unforgettable.

Tasting Notes

Independent Prosecco 75cl enchants the senses with its delightful aromas of green apple, pear, and subtle floral hints. On the palate, you’ll enjoy a refreshing fusion of fruit flavours, balanced by a delicate acidity that leaves a clean, crisp finish. This sparkling wine’s lively effervescence and harmonious taste make it a perfect choice for toasting special events or simply sipping on a warm afternoon.


Independent Prosecco 75cl has garnered praise from wine experts and enthusiasts alike, earning accolades for its exceptional quality and taste. Its refreshing flavour profile and elegant presentation have made it a popular choice at prestigious events and celebrations worldwide.

Independent Prosecco’s skilled winemakers employ a combination of time-honoured techniques and modern innovations to craft a wine that captures the essence of its storied heritage while appealing to contemporary tastes. One little-known fact about Independent Prosecco is that the winery implements environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process, ensuring that each bottle you enjoy is not only delicious but also sustainable.

If you’re a fan of Prosecco or simply searching for the perfect sparkling wine to complement your celebration, be sure to explore our range of Prosecco wines available at Oaks & Corks. Pair Independent Prosecco 75cl with light appetizers, seafood dishes, or even fruity desserts for a truly delightful dining experience. Order now and savor the convenience of prompt delivery within Nairobi in less than 30 minutes!

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  • 750ml @ KES 2,679

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