Jumping Goat Whisky Liqueur 700ml - Cold Brewed Coffee Infused Whisky Liqueur
Jumping Goat Whisky Liqueur 700ml
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Jumping Goat Whisky Liqueur 700ml

Price: 3,569/-

To make Jumping Goat Vodka Liqueur we cold brew the finest of coffee beans and spices and infuse the resulting goodness into the purest of vodkas.


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A fair long while back, an Ethiopian Goat Herder by the name of Kaldi used to watch his flock nibble at the bright red beans of a local plant, only to carry on energetically well into the night. He too decided to try these beans and discovered what we now know as Coffee.

Apparently he also mixed these beans with something a little stronger from time to time and those Ethiopians discovered how to really have a good time. We decided that’s still true today, even if you aren’t Ethiopian.

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