Luxardo Limoncello 700ml

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Limoncello Luxardo is a well-rounded liqueur with a pleasant sensation and aromatic freshness of newly gathered lemons.



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Limoncello Luxardo is a lemon-yellow appearing liqueur with strong aromas of fresh lemons. Its flavours are round and harmonious with a pleasant sensation of aromatic freshness on the palate.

Limoncello Luxardo is one of the world’s most popular Italian liqueurs. It is a result of infusing lemon peels in alcohol. Its making is of an ancient Italian tradition of enhancing natural aromas and the fresh taste of lemons.

The serving of this liqueur should be at room temperature or cold/on the rocks as a digestif. Watering it down as an aperitif also works well.  It may also be enjoyed in cocktails and mixed drinks. For instance, mixing Limoncello Luxardo with tonic water makes for a perfect thirst quencher. It also pairs well with champagne or sparkling wine when preparing long drinks.

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