A Martini Fiero 750ml + Free Ferrero Rocher 37.5g Chocolate

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Martini Fiero 75cl

Martini Fiero is a bold and beautiful wine-based vermouth uniquely curated with a blend of white wines and botanicals. It has a bold and fiery pink color with intense fruity flavors that come from zesty Spanish oranges. On the palate, you should also expect a hint of bitterness that comes from the signature aromatic Artemisia botanical. Martini Fiero makes a delicious spritz cocktail when combined with Martini Prosecco and soda.

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Ferrero Rocher 37.5g

Ferrero Rocher is a tempting combination of smooth chocolaty cream surrounding a whole hazelnut within a delicate, crisp wafer all enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts. Buy one today and relish in it's classic delicacy, and timeless elegance.

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Martini Fiero 750ml + Free Ferrero Rocher 37.5g Chocolate
A Martini Fiero 750ml + Free Ferrero Rocher 37.5g Chocolate 2,998/- Original price was: 2,998/-.2,059/-Current price is: 2,059/-.

Only 2 left in stock

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Explore the bold and vibrant world of Martini Fiero

Indulge in the vibrant and bold Martini Fiero, a 750ml vermouth that promises a unique blend of citrus and bittersweet orange flavors, paired perfectly with a complimentary 37.5g Ferrero Rocher chocolate. This special offer enhances any celebration with its rich, aromatic profile, ideal for creating memorable moments. Martini Fiero is crafted with passion, using traditional methods to ensure the highest quality.

A contemporary vermouth that captures the essence of modern celebrations. This 750ml bottle comes with a complimentary 37.5g pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, making it the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their gatherings with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Crafted with a meticulous blend of white wines and botanicals, Martini Fiero stands out with its distinctive citrus and bittersweet orange flavors.

Tasting Notes

Martini Fiero delights the senses with its bright red hue and an inviting aroma of zesty oranges. On the palate, it offers a harmonious balance between the sweetness of the wine and the refreshing bitterness of the orange botanicals. The finish is long and pleasantly bitter, making it a perfect aperitif.


While Martini Fiero is a relatively new addition to the Martini family, it has quickly gained popularity for its innovative flavor profile and versatility in cocktails. It’s celebrated for bringing a modern twist to the vermouth category, although specific awards and honors will be updated as they are received.

History & Little-Known Facts

Martini Fiero is a testament to Martini’s commitment to innovation while staying true to its heritage. The name “Fiero” means “proud” in Italian, reflecting the brand’s pride in this bold venture. Unlike traditional vermouths, Fiero is designed to be mixed, particularly shining when paired with tonic water for a refreshing and colorful spritz. This vermouth is a celebration of over 150 years of Martini expertise, blending tradition with a modern palate.

Martini’s dedication to quality is evident in every bottle of Fiero, which uses 100% natural flavors and colors. The vibrant red color is not just visually striking but also a nod to the natural ingredients that make up its flavor profile.

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Martini Fiero 75cl

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Artemisia, Spanish orange peel

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Full & Savory

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Ferrero Rocher 37.5g

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