Myers’s Rum Original Dark 750ml


Myers’s Rum Original Dark is crafted in Jamaica, featuring a full-bodied dark rum blend matured in white oak barrels. This premium rum delivers a bold, spicy flavor profile with a smooth finish, ideal for enhancing any cocktail.

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Myers’s Rum Original Dark is a true icon of Jamaican craftsmanship, distilled using traditional pot stills. Aged meticulously in white oak barrels, this rum offers a uniquely deep and rich flavor that rum enthusiasts cherish.

Tasting Notes

Upon the first sip, Myers’s Original Dark Rum presents a bold, rich taste. The initial notes of molasses and caramel are perfectly balanced by hints of spice and a subtle smokiness. As it lingers on the palate, it unfolds layers of warm vanilla and a touch of nutmeg, leading to a satisfyingly smooth finish. This complex flavor profile makes it an excellent base for a variety of cocktails, from a classic Dark ‘n’ Stormy to a rich and flavorful rum punch.

Product History

Myers’s Rum has been produced since 1879, originally crafted by Fred L. Myers in Jamaica. The distinctive dark color and rich flavor are results of the meticulous aging process in charred white oak barrels, a tradition that has been carried on for generations. This heritage and commitment to quality make Myers’s a staple in the rum industry, known for delivering consistent, superior taste.


Myers’s Original Dark Rum has been recognized globally for its exceptional quality. While specific awards and critical acclaim details are proprietary, it is renowned among spirit enthusiasts for its robust flavor and versatility in mixology. Esteemed by both professional mixologists and casual drinkers, it remains a preferred choice for crafting premium cocktails.

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Discover more about our selection of premium rums and find cocktail recipes that highlight the versatility of Myers’s Original Dark Rum at Oaks & Corks Rum Collection. Perfect for any occasion, order your bottle today and experience the rich heritage of Myers’s Rum delivered directly to your doorstep within Nairobi in less than 30 minutes.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your cocktail experience or enjoy a sip of rich Jamaican history, Myers’s Original Dark Rum offers a complex, satisfying taste that’s stood the test of time. Its deep flavors and historical roots make it not just a beverage, but a journey through the heart of Jamaica’s rum-making legacy.

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