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Pervak Spirit with Pepper
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Pervak Spirit with Pepper

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A strong spirit infused with chili pepper. Pervak Spirit With Pepper is special as it is made using the signature formula of Pervak brands.

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Chili pepper, aromatic spirit and its extracts, natural honey, apple juice, and extracts of sweet clover are used, giving the vodka its soft taste and balanced flavours.

Additional Information:

Pervak is a real craft vodka with a secret ancient formula of double distillation of the aromatic spirit of rye breadcrumbs, added to it the grain spirit and the best drinking water. Also added to it is the aromatic spirit of lime blossom and a bit of sugar syrup, making it reach an extra mild flavour with subtle notes of rye breadcrumbs.

Pervak Vodka is by the Global Spirits – Europe’s largest international holding company, also one of the leaders in beverage alcohol production. Global Spirit’s structure includes the largest production sites of Khortytsa Distillery and the Odessa Cognac Factory. Their portfolio includes vodka, brandy, and wine brands, exported to more than 87 countries globally.

Serving Suggestion:

Pervak Spirit Pepper with Chili goes down well with Ukrainian meat dishes: homemade sausages, roast meat, flavory roast pork, kruchenyky (pork/beef rolls), and porcini mushrooms.

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