Schweppes Pink Tonic Can 200ml

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This Schweppes Pink Tonic in a pretty pink can is specially curated for connoisseurs who are looking for a new sensory taste experience. On the nose are the enchanting mimosa floral aromas with pink pepper on the palate adding a tender rebellious touch to your drink. This blend is the perfect accompaniment to fine Gins and it also adds a delightful twist when combined with fruit juice or alcohol.

200ml - Can

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Schweppes Pink Tonic Can 200ml

About The Floral Pink Tonic

Let yourself be tempted by the different color and flavor of this tonic. A sweeter palate while still sustaining the Schweppes bubble quality. Curated with ingredients of 100% natural origin and reduced calorie content. Perfect to mix with dry and citrus gins and be seasoned with the citrus touch giving it a delicious twist.  


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidifier, citric acid, natural flavors, steviol, glycosides. Sweetener, color, anthocyanins, quinine flavor.

Additional notes

Flavours & Spices

Citrus, Pepper

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