Shustoff 5yrs Gift Box

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Shustoff 5yrs Valentine's Gift Box
Shustoff 5yrs Gift Box 4,999/- Original price was: 4,999/-.2,799/-Current price is: 2,799/-.

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Celebrate love with Shustoff 5yrs Valentine’s Gift Box, a meticulously aged spirit that promises a harmonious blend of flavours and aromas. This exclusive gift box, designed for the season of love, features a smooth, rich vodka with a unique character, distilled and aged with precision for five years. It’s the perfect gesture to express your affection, encapsulating elegance and tradition in every sip.

Introduction to Shustoff 5yrs Valentine’s Gift Box

Shustoff 5yrs Valentine’s Gift Box is more than just a spirit; it’s a symbol of love and tradition, making it the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. This exquisite blend is presented in a beautifully designed gift box, ready to be delivered anywhere in Nairobi within 30 minutes when you order from Oaks & Corks.

Tasting Notes

Upon opening the bottle, you’re greeted with a bouquet of rich, complex aromas, hinting at dried fruits and a subtle touch of oak. The taste is equally impressive, offering a smooth and velvety texture with notes of vanilla and a hint of spice, culminating in a long, satisfying finish. Its balanced flavour profile makes it an ideal companion for a romantic evening.


While Shustoff spirits have consistently been recognized for their quality and craftsmanship, this particular blend has yet to gather its own accolades. However, its creation stems from a long tradition of excellence in spirit production, promising a quality that’s both notable and deserving of recognition.

Product History and Little-Known Facts

Shustoff, a distillery with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century, has been renowned for its dedication to the art of spirit making. The 5yrs Valentine’s Gift Box is a testament to their expertise, showcasing the pinnacle of their aging process. A little-known fact about this spirit is the meticulous selection of grains and the proprietary method of distillation and aging, which gives it its distinctive character.

Why Choose Shustoff 5yrs Valentine’s Gift Box?

Choosing this gift box means opting for a gift that’s rich in history, quality, and taste. It’s not just a drink; it’s an experience to share with your loved one, creating memories that last. Perfect for the connoisseur or the casual drinker alike, it’s a sophisticated choice that elevates any occasion.

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The Shustoff 5yrs Valentine’s Gift Box is an emblem of love, encapsulating the essence of a perfect Valentine’s Day. With its rich flavor profile and elegant presentation, it stands out as an ideal gift. Order yours today from Oaks & Corks and celebrate love with a taste of tradition and quality.

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