St-Rémy à la Crème 700ml

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St-Rémy à la Crème is a creamy liqueur with subtle flavours of caramel, chocolate and walnut.


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St-Rémy à la Crème is a rich, creamy, Brandy based liqueur composed of smooth cream, subtle flavours of caramel, chocolate, and walnut.
It has a light caramel appearance, with a creamy texture. The nose is of soft caramel notes along with chocolate and coffee notes. Hazelnut and vanilla notes can also be felt. It is exquisite on the palate, with a perfect balance of caramel and chocolate notes. The flavour is further elevated with subtle hints of coffee, walnut and vanilla. The finish is long and smooth.
St-Rémy à la Crème occupies the same market niche as Baileys and Kahlua

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