Star of Bombay 75cl


The new special edition Star of Bombay is a super-exclusive blend presented in a sophisticated modern bottle. It is uniquely curated with botanicals that are familiar to those who love Bombay Sapphire. The nose is loud and clear with pine and juniper notes. The palate is thick and oily with upfront hits of black pepper and bitter peels. The finish softens revealing notes of sweet orange and lemon. Served in a regular gin and tonic works best with a thin orange peel garnish.

750ml - Bottle

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“This is the smoothest gin that I have ever tasted without losing any of the taste. We bought two bottles on our way to our holiday, expecting to bring one back home, but we just opened the second bottle! Exquisite!” - Paula, TheWhiskyExchange

About The Star of Bombay

This is an exclusively premium small batch version of the beloved Bombay Sapphire by master distiller, Nik Fordham. The gin is k filled with even more exotic botanicals that perfectly complement the original recipe. These include crisp citrus notes of dried Orange peel from the Southern side of Italy as well as the floral musk of ambrette seeds from the tropical yellow hibiscus flower from Ecuador. During the distillation process, the pace of the speed of the signature vapour infusion process is slower in an effort to make the most of the level of extraction from the botanicals. This blend has richer aromas and more intense flavors. Features botanicals that’ll be familiar to those who love Bombay Sapphire, with a reassembled flavour profile

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Star of Bombay Price in Kenya

  • 750ml Bottle @ KES 5,799

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Almond, Ambrette Seed, Angelica, Bergamot, Cassia, Coriander, Cubeb Pepper, Grains of Paradise, Juniper, Lemon, Liquorice, Orris Root

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Bitter Peels, Black Pepper, Lemon, Orange

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