Teacher’s Highland Cream 1L

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Teacher’s Highland Cream is a blended scotch whisky made using fully smoked peat single malt whisky from The Ardmore distillery. It has a rich amber color with yellow highlights. More than 25 different malt whiskies are combined in its recipe. This malt content is a contributing factor to the blends unique flavor and character. The palate is exciting and round with a silky character. With every sip you get to enjoy the tastes of full rich malts and maturity.

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About This Whiskey

TEACHER’S SCOTCH WHISKY was first produced in 1830 by William Teacher. It is said that William Teacher would not give his name to his blend until he had found perfection. Highland Cream is that whisky. It uses fully smoked peat single malt whisky from The Ardmore distillery as its fingerprint whisky. This gives it incredible depth and smoothness combined with a rich smokey undertone.


Water, Whisky malted aged distillates, Whisky aged distillates, sugar, food coloring

Teacher’s Highland Cream


Rich amber with yellowish highlights.


Deep and robust maltiness with hints of pear and sherry maturity


Challenging, exciting, round and warming with a silky texture. Tastes of full rich malts and maturity.


Balanced and Clean 

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