Unit 43 75cl

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The Unit 43 is an easy drinking gin packed in an absolutely gorgeous bottle. On the nose, you will get a hint of the spicy citrus notes from the coriander seeds as well as the grains of paradise. With every sip, your palate will get to enjoy a burst of lavender and liquorice flavours, followed by a short citrus taste. An aftertaste of the five crisp Fynbos varieties then finely linger on the tongue.

750ml - Bottle

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Unit 43

Makers of the Strong Stuff

Unit 43 is a renowned craft distillery with the term, “Find and Refine” as the motto. They source for the finest elements and purify them into the high-standard, award-winning, batch distilled spirits in every bottle of Unit 43. This Unit 43 blend is an accurately handcrafted gin. Smooth, balanced and local in its ingredients.

Infused Botanicals

A bouquet of fynbos, juniper, citrus, coriander, grains of paradise. 

Unit 43




“What a treat this gin is! Smooth and delicious, complete with a gorgeous ceramic bottle. Would make the perfect gift, or a special spoil for yourself”

Caterina T, Yuppiechef

Additional notes

Alcohol Content





Citrus, Coriander, Fynbos, Juniper

Country of Origin



Flavours & Spices

Lavender, Liquorice


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