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Woosh Bubble Mint Gum delivers a crisp, invigorating bubble mint flavor that instantly refreshes your breath. Each pack contains 14 sugar-free pieces, making it a convenient choice for fresh breath on the go. The xylitol component aids in reducing the risk of tooth decay, making Woosh Bubble Mint not just tasty but also a healthier gum choice.

Tasting Notes

As soon as you unwrap a piece of Woosh Bubble Mint Gum, you’ll be greeted by the cooling aroma of mint. The initial taste is a sharp, clean mint flavor that gradually mellows into a sweet, full-bodied bubblegum base. The texture is smooth and pliable, offering a long-lasting chew that maintains its flavor intensity for hours.


While Woosh Bubble Mint Gum has not yet been recognized with formal industry awards, it is a favorite among our customers for its effective breath-freshening qualities and enjoyable taste. It’s especially popular among professionals and students who appreciate the gum’s ability to quickly freshen breath before meetings or classes.

The Ultimate Breath Freshener

Woosh Bubble Mint Gum is your go-to solution for fresh breath and a clean mouthfeel. Infused with a powerful bubble mint flavor, this gum bursts into an invigorating wave of coolness that not only refreshes your breath but also provides a satisfying chew. The sugar-free formula ensures that you can enjoy the fresh minty taste without worrying about extra calories or sugar intake.

Sugar-Free Benefits

Made with xylitol, Woosh Bubble Mint Gum not only refreshes your breath but also contributes to oral health. Xylitol is known for its ability to fight bacteria and reduce acids that can cause tooth decay. By chewing Woosh after meals or snacks, you can help protect your teeth while keeping your breath minty fresh.

A Burst of History

Introduced in the early 2000s, Woosh Bubble Mint Gum quickly became a staple for those looking to maintain fresh breath throughout the day. Its unique blend of mint flavors was developed to offer a more intense and lasting freshness compared to traditional mints. The bubblegum twist not only adds a fun element but also appeals to a wide age range, making it a popular choice for all family members.

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