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Bongani Robusto Cigars

Bongani Robusto – Africa’s First Premium Cigar

Think of Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. What’s the one common thing that pops to mind?

If you’re thinking cigars, be happy that you found this, because Mozambique just joined that list of countries!

And yes, we are about to tell you all about their Bongani Robusto Cigars!

What started as a passion for creating quality cigars right here in Africa led to the production of Africa’s first ever premium cigar – the Bongani Robusto. Now with a presence in South Africa, Kenya, and of course, Mozambique.

The Bongani Cigar is right at the heart of being the ultimate African luxury brand. The seeds are sourced the Dominican Republic, one of the top cigar producing countries in the world. After their growth, with the help and guidance of experts from the Dominican Republic, they are carefully hand-rolled in Maputo, Mozambique.   

Bongani Robusto handrolling

The external leaf of the cigar, commonly referred to as the wrapper, is a very important component of a cigar, and is sourced from Cameroon. Cameroon is reputable for producing some of the best cigar wrappers used around the world. For instance, this is the same wrapper used by Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, Cigar Aficionado Magazine’s number one cigar of 2017.

Aging of the Bongani Robusto Cigars takes place in Ghanaian cedars. This explains the unique and rich flavours of the cigar, associated with Ghanaian Cedars, which are known to be heavily-flavoured.

Being the first brand of handmade cigars from Africa, Bongani Robusto depicts strength, pride, and sophistication. It is visually appealing, having been stylized in the shape of a mighty elephant raising a tribal Zulu spear on its trunk. This represents the grandiosity of the world’s largest land mammal and the pride of African ancestry.

Bongani Robusto spirit of Africa

But why Mozambique? You might be wondering.

There are a number of factors positioning Mozambique as the best suited to be producing Africa’s first premium cigar. The rich soils of the land, plenty of water and a 100-year long tradition of producing quality tobacco are just some of them.

Bongani means “be grateful”. So whatever you feel grateful for; life, family, or friends, there could be no truer African way to celebrate.

Bongani Robusto cigars are now available in our shop here. Order online now for deliveries anywhere in Nairobi.


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    1. Hi George, we’re waiting for new shipment to come in. Thanks.

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