Nairobi’s Best Female Bartender At The Top Of Her Game

To mark International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the talent of Nairobi’s Best Bartender Joan Samia. It comes as no secret that throughout history females have been sorely under-represented in the “Bartending Halls of Fame.” Even in 2021, there are still some people who consider bars and pubs as a domain only meant for men. […]

How to Make Your Own Tasty Cocktails At Home

It’s no secret, clubbing in Nairobi is an expensive affair. From buying a drink, to biting on a few tasty treats and once you factor in the cab fare to and from the club, you can easily squander thousands of shilling in just a few hours. In the spirit of Dry January, here at Oaks […]

four easy to make cocktails

Four Easy to Make Cocktails for The Festive Season

Nothing says Festive better than a refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed with loved ones. In this very straight-forward article, we share with you not just one, but four easy to make cocktails that you should try out!

Margarita Cocktail Recipe

Margarita Cocktail Recipe.

This Margarita Cocktail recipe is one of the classics. No fancy ingredients required. Just simple and straightforward for whenever the thirst strikes. Learn how to make a Margarita Cocktail here.

Coronarita Cocktail Recipe

How to Make a Coronarita Cocktail.

As the name suggests, a Coronarita is simply a ‘turned up’ classic Margarita that is guaranteed to make a long, boring day feel like a refreshing breeze! Find out how to make this cocktail here:

amarula sunset cocktail recipe

How to Make the Amarula Sunset Safari Cocktail

Here is an easy recipe for making the Amarula Sunset Safari Cocktail. As the name suggests, the drink is as refreshing as the African sunsets, with an excellent twist almond, cinnamon, and citric flavours.

stoli citro bloody mary cocktail recipe

How to Make a Stolichnaya Bloody Mary

We could have called it Stolichnaya Citrus Bloody Mary, but that would have been way too long to be a cool name. So, Stoli Citros Bloody Mary it is! Here is how you can make one at home.

Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe.

The Mai Tai Cocktail is a contemporary classic enlisted as one of the International Bartenders Association Official Cocktails. It is yummy, refreshing and surprisingly easy to make!

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Manhattan Cocktail: The Whiskey-Forward Recipe.

Now there are countless variations of the Manhattan Cocktail out there. But they are not fun. (Okay, they are less fun, compared to what we have here). Here is a simple recipe to a proper, whiskey-forward Manhattan Cocktail.

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