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Four Ways to Enjoy a Dram

The art of imbibing whiskey is a long-standing, manly tradition enjoyed for centuries.
What has remained unclear, though, is what is the right way to drink whiskey?
Some go neat, others prefer adding a splash of water to it. Who is getting it right?

four ways to drink whiskey

There are generally four ways to drink whiskey.

1. Neat.

Considered by many to be the only “pure” way to drink a good whiskey. The concept here is to taste the spirit as it was distilled, or, drinking it the way the guy who made it intended it to be, if you may. While this might be popular for people enjoying whiskey, the only drawback is that it numbs the taste-buds, making the whiskey a little less bearable.

2. Diluted with Water.

Diluting whiskey with water makes it a little manageable to novices and pros alike. It also opens the flavours, making them noticeable and more enjoyable. The key is to have the least amount of water possible. (1 cap-full is enough). Water softens the punch of the alcohol and lets the whiskey flavour really come through.

3. On the rocks.

Most experts will tell you that making whiskey cold numbs the flavours a bit. There is also the argument that since ice is made from tap water, it is full of Chlorine which is not good for the whiskey. Also, melting ice in the glass waters down the drink way past the required/recommended level. All this is true. But then there is just something irresistible about cold whiskey. No one will blame you if you throw in a cube or two. A few options you could explore: either make you own ice using quality water or consider buying whiskey rocks, which cool the drink without watering it down. If for some reason you are not comfortable with these two, then a much easier option would be to keep a small spoon next to your glass of whiskey to remove the ice once the whiskey has watered down to your liking.

4. Cocktails.

Some experts claim that adding anything other than whiskey to the whiskey is a waste of a good drink. But using middle-ground spirits for your cocktails is not that bad of an idea. For example, try the Manhattan Cocktail.

There isn’t exactly a clear conclusion of whether there is a right or wrong way to drink whiskey. The end goal is to enjoy the dram. Whichever way you do it, please enjoy responsibly.

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