Captain Morgan

You may know the man on that bottle by name, but to know the actual legend of Captain Henry Morgan is to understand the privilege it is to be holding that glass. If you’re looking for an amazing collection of distinctive spiced and flavored rums make an order with us and enjoy the fast and safe delivery of this variety straight to your door step.

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Captain Morgan was a real person

During a night out, I’m sure there have been a number of rum enthusiasts who have taken the time to question, Did Captain Morgan actually exist? The animated swashbuckling Captain who appears on the bottle was a real person. Sir Henry Morgan, one of the most recognizable hook-like captains. He rode the Caribbean seas attacking many settlements in Spain in the 17th century.

Captain Morgan is Old, But The Rum Company is still young

The famous mascot Sir Henry Morgan is just over 400 years old, but Morgan did not have anything to do with what is the Captain Morgan Brand Company. The story of the dark rum that we enjoy started in 1944. Seagram bought the rights to manufacture an original spiced rum recipe from a pharmacy in Jamaica. Over the years production locations have changed, finally settling to the U.S Virgin Islands. We have also seen the production of different blends such as the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, Captain Morgan Black.

The Production of Captain Morgan

To produce the smooth savour that Captain Morgan is known all over the world for, here are the five essential steps.

Sourcing for Molasses from Sugar Cane: The brown sugar and sap and is compressed from the sugar cane creating a by-product called molasses.

Fermentation: To create the alcohol, yeast and water is added on to the molasses. The yeast is delicately selected ensuring the proper taste profile and aroma of the final blend.

Distillation and Maturation: The fermented rum is passed through heat then condensed into column stills. The rum will then acquire its rich gold color and flavor by being aged in charred white oak barrels.

Blending: Dark rum is delicately created by taking the molasses through the fermentation, distillation and aging process. However, there are many blends from Jamaica that are clear. These rums are taken through a brief period of aging right after distillation. The result is a revitalizing white rum with a soft and sweet taste.

The Best Way To Enjoy Rum

Enjoyed over ice cubes or with a splash of water and a slice of lime. Or simply enjoy it neat in a small glass, warmed between your hands.

Enjoy Captain Morgan Delivery

Explore the world of Captain Morgan by indulging in some of the Caribbean rums that we have got in stock. Spice it up with our classic spiced variety including the Captain Morgan Black Spiced 1L, the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 1L and the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 750ml. Amp up the fun with the gold variety including the Captain Morgan Gold 250ml and the Captain Morgan Gold 750ml. If your looking to enjoy a rich, dark and full – bodied blend with hints of island spice sit back and enjoy the Captain Morgan Dark Rum 1L and the Captain Morgan Black Spiced 1L. Let’s not forget about the legendary Captain Morgan Jamaica Rum 750ml curated with luscious succulent flavors of exotic tropical fruit.

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