Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 750ml

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The original party spirit, born and blended to have a good time, it’s the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. On the palate, you will get to enjoy the flavor of vanilla, spice, and a blend of different natural flavors. This results to an alluring sweet yet fine spiced taste. Versatility is its forte. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, sweet, fruity or creamy. Delicious drink options are there for the making.

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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is an expert blend of spices, natural flavours, and fine Caribbean rum. Has aromas of vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, warming spices with delicate hints of oak. It has a perfect balance on the palate, the finish is smooth.

The best way to serve Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is in a tankard over ice, with cola and a slice of lime.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 1L available here.

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