Alpen No Added Sugar 560g

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Get your day off to a great start with the Alpen No Added Sugar Muesli. The cereal is a perfect blend of creamy rolled oats, toasted wheat flakes, hazelnuts and juicy raisins. Every bowl bursts with delicious natural ingredients bringing you a breakfast you can truly savour.

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Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy – 1556kJ or 369 kcal

Protein – 12.0g

Total Fat – 5.8g

Saturated Fat – 0.9g

Trans Fat – 0.002g

Cholesterol – 0.7mg

Total Carbohydrates – 71.3g

Dietary Fibre – 8.3g

Sugars – 16.0g

Sodium- 110mg

Additional notes

Country of Origin




560 Grams

Notable ingredients

Creamy rolled oats, Hazelnuts, raisins, Roasted Almonds, Wheat flakes


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