Boisson Fermentee Matsu Junmai Shu Sake 75cl



The Boisson Fermentee Matsu Junmai Shu Sake is yet another new sake white wine curated using 100% rice. On the nose are the rich and powerful aromas of polished rice combined with some tropical fruit flavors. The mouthfeel is bold and with every sip you will get to enjoy an invigorating sensation as the tiny bubbles fizz. This Shu Sake has a rich and crisp quality, with a medium dry finish.

750ml - Bottle

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Boisson Fermentee Matsu Junmai Shu Sake
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Junmai -shu

A term can be translated as pure rice sake. Among the products used in its production is rice, water and koji, the remarkable mold that converts the starch in the rice into fermentable and non-fermentable sugars. This specific blend is curated with rice that has been polished (milled) ensuring that at least 30% of the outer layer is successfully ground away. The flavor is just a little bit heavier and fuller than other types, and the acidity is also a whiff higher.


Kawashima is situated in the center of a rich high-yielding area also known as the Rice basket of Japan, near an enormous freshwater lake in Japan – Lake Biwa. The area is well known for the high-quality rice and the fresh spring water that ensues from Hira mountains. The brewery was founded in 1865 just a few years before the last age of Samurai. For over 150 years, Kawashima Shuzo Co. have been brewing sake using a very unique water source that comes from a 600 year old water dwell that collects fresh and pure spring water from the beautiful HIRA mountains.

Junmai Shu Sake is:

Degree of Polishing: 65%, Where 35% of outer layer of rice id brushed.

Junmai Sake: No alcohol added

Hand Bottled and labelled 

Alcohol rate – 15.5%

Boisson Fermentee Matsu Junmai Shu Sake Price in Kenya

  • 750ml Bottle @ KES 5,699

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