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Explore the Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato, a 75cl bottle of enchanting sweetness and vibrant effervescence. Crafted with care, this Moscato delivers a harmonious blend of floral aromas and fruity flavors, making it an ideal choice for any celebration. Sourced from the finest vineyards, each sip promises a refreshing and lusciously sweet experience that captivates the palate and elevates any occasion.

Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato is not just a wine; it’s a celebration in a bottle. This 75cl Moscato, with its vibrant and effervescent character, is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that Bruce Jack, the renowned winemaker, pours into every bottle. This wine is a tribute to the intricate dance of nature, symbolized by the bumblebee, crucial for the pollination of many of the ingredients found in this delightful blend.

Tasting Notes

Upon opening a bottle of Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato, you’re greeted with a bouquet of floral aromas, intertwined with hints of ripe peaches and zesty citrus. The palate is a luscious symphony of sweet honeyed flavors, balanced with a light effervescence that dances on the tongue. The finish is clean, with a lingering sweetness that invites another sip.

Accolades and Reviews

While specific awards and critic reviews may vary, Bruce Jack wines have consistently been praised for their quality and innovation. The Bumble Bee Moscato, in particular, has received accolades for its approachable sweetness and vibrant character.

The Story Behind the Wine

Bruce Jack is a winemaker who believes in the power of wine to bring people together. With a philosophy rooted in the importance of terroir and sustainable winemaking practices, each bottle of Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato is a reflection of the land and the ecosystem that nurtures it. The choice of the bumblebee as this Moscato’s namesake highlights the winemaker’s commitment to biodiversity and the essential role of bees in the ecosystem.

Why Choose Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato?

Selecting Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato for your next celebration or quiet night, it means choosing a wine that delights the senses while honoring the environment. Its sweet, floral notes and effervescent character make it a versatile companion to a wide range of dishes, from spicy Asian cuisine to light, fruity desserts.

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  • 750ml Bottle @ KES 1,699

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