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Caprice Sweet Red wine is a sweet red table wine produced from monstrell grapes which are fermented until the sugar from the grapes has all been converted into alcohol. This fermentation process gives the wine its dark attractive colour.

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Caprice Sweet Red is a lusciously sweet wine, offering a rich bouquet of red fruits balanced with a smooth finish. This 1L bottle comes with a complimentary Caprice Hat, making it the perfect gift or treat for any occasion. Ideal for celebrations or relaxing evenings, its vibrant taste and aroma are sure to delight any wine lover.

Caprice Sweet Red wine is a delightful blend that captures the essence of sweet, ripe red fruits, making it a favourite among those who prefer a softer, more approachable wine. Its 1L offering, paired with a complimentary Caprice Hat, presents not only a taste experience but also a stylish accessory to add to your collection.

Tasting Notes

Upon opening the bottle, the aroma of strawberries, cherries, and a hint of spice greets the senses, inviting the first sip. The palate is immediately enveloped with the sweetness of red fruits, complemented by a velvety texture that smoothly glides, leaving a pleasantly sweet finish. This wine is best enjoyed chilled and can be a great companion to light pastries, cheeses, or on its own, making every sip a celebration of sweetness.


While specific accolades for Caprice Sweet Red might not be readily available, its popularity and preference among sweet wine lovers speak volumes. This wine is celebrated for its approachable flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for both wine connoisseurs and those new to wine tasting.

Product History & Little-Known Facts

Caprice Sweet Red is produced with meticulous care to ensure the highest quality. The winemaking process involves selecting the finest red grapes, which are then gently pressed to extract the vibrant colors and sweet flavors. This wine is a testament to the winemaker’s dedication to crafting enjoyable wines that cater to the tastes of a wide audience.

A little-known fact about Caprice Sweet Red is its versatility. Not only is it an excellent drink for celebrations, but it can also be used in culinary preparations to add a rich, fruity dimension to sauces and desserts.

Why Choose Caprice Sweet Red from Oaks & Corks

Choosing Caprice Sweet Red from Oaks & Corks guarantees you not only a bottle of exquisite wine but also the convenience of fast delivery within Nairobi. Our promise of delivering alcohol anywhere in Nairobi 24/7 in less than 30 minutes ensures that your celebrations can start without delay. Plus, the free Caprice Hat adds an extra touch of style to your wine experience.

For those looking to explore more, Oaks & Corks offers a wide range of wines and spirits that cater to every palate and occasion. Discover our collection today and elevate your drinking experience.

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