Ciroc Peach Vodka 1l
Ciroc Peach Vodka 1L
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Ciroc Peach Vodka 1L

Price: 4,249/-

Ciroc Peach is an ultra-premium spirit masterly infused with a distinctive blend of peach and other natural flavors. On the nose is an impactful bouquet of berries with a hint of jam. The palate is refreshingly sweet revealing succulent peach flavors with a hint of orchid leading to a velvety smooth finish. Best served with a splash of sparkling wine in a classic Peach CIROC Bellini.

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About the Ciroc Peach Vodka

Ciroc Peach is the third masterfully infused variety from the makers of Ciroc Vodka. Just like the original ciroc vodka, it’s not curated from grains as you would expect, but from French grapes, peach and other natural flavors. The spirit is gluten-free, lusciously different and elegantly smooth. It is perfect on its own on ice or mixed in a long drink You can even enjoy the juicy flavor of Ciroc Peach with a splash of champagne in a classic Ciroc Peach Bellini.

Ciroc Vodka's Iconic Showbiz Status

Ciroc Vodka can be found at all the hottest bars and parties and is theperfect way to celebrate the special moments in life. P Diddypartnered with the brand in 2007. He helped elevate Ciroc to a household name and has ensured that the drink is drank at the most glamorous event across the globe.

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