Fantinel Prosecco 75cl


Experience the elegance of Fantinel Prosecco 75cl, a refined sparkling wine with delightful fruity and floral notes. Elevate every occasion with prompt delivery in Nairobi!


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Fantinel Prosecco
Fantinel Prosecco 75cl 2,119/-

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Fantinel Prosecco 75cl, a sophisticated and effervescent sparkling wine, offers the perfect touch of refinement for any celebration. Born in the picturesque vineyards of Italy’s renowned Friuli region, this exquisite Prosecco is crafted from Glera grapes, which flourish in the unique terroir and contribute to the wine’s crisp character. The area’s rich winemaking heritage and the family-owned Fantinel winery’s commitment to environmental sustainability have made this wine an exceptional choice for discerning palates.

Tasting Notes

Fantinel Prosecco 75cl captivates the senses with its enticing aromas of ripe fruit, delicate floral hints, and a touch of honey. On the palate, you’ll enjoy a harmonious blend of fruit flavours and a lively effervescence that leaves a refreshing, clean finish. This sparkling wine’s exquisite taste and elegant presentation make it the perfect choice for toasting special events, sharing with friends, or simply sipping on a warm evening.


Fantinel Prosecco 75cl has earned recognition and praise from wine experts and enthusiasts alike for its exceptional quality and taste. Its sophisticated flavour profile and stylish presentation have made it a popular choice at prestigious events and celebrations across the globe.

Fantinel’s skilled winemakers artfully combine traditional techniques and modern innovations to create a wine that embodies the essence of its storied past while catering to contemporary palates. The winery’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in their eco-friendly practices throughout the production process, ensuring that each bottle you enjoy is both delicious and responsible.

If you’re a fan of Prosecco or simply seeking the ideal sparkling wine to complement your celebration, be sure to browse our range of Prosecco wines available at Oaks & Corks. Pair Fantinel Prosecco 75cl with light appetizers, seafood dishes, or fruity desserts for a truly delightful culinary experience. Order now and indulge in the luxury of swift delivery within Nairobi in less than 30 minutes!

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  • 750ml @ KES 2,119

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