Harmony Honeybush 75cl

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The Harmony Honeybush gin is uniquely curated by distilling 9 carefully selected botanicals in small batches using a method known as vapor infusion. On the nose is a crisp, floral scent with fynbos honey bush notes amalgamated with hints of citrus zest. The palate is an enjoyable silky, smooth burst of fresh and floral fruit flavors. After every sip, you will get to enjoy a lingering aftertaste of sweetened honey accompanied with spicy white peppery notes.

750ml - Boxed

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Harmony Honeybush 75cl
Harmony Honeybush 75cl Price: 6,739/-

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Harmony Honeybush


Rich amber hue

On the nose

Crisp, compound floral nose with honey bush notes and fynbos integrated with hints of citrus zest


Pleasant prime taste adds depth to the silky smooth burst of floral and fresh fruit impression such as grapefruit, grapefruit and orange


Type of spirit that can be drunk neat without the addition of water, ice or mixer


This blend has a lingering aftertaste of sweet honey accompanied with spicy white pepper notes.

Additional notes

Alcohol Content





Almond, Angelica Root, Citrus, Coriander, Fynbos, Honeybush

Country of Origin




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