Iris Whisky 750ml

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Iris Reserve Whisky is devoted to all the ardent lovers of Whisky. Every sip is a beautiful piece of art, matured painstaking in prestigious Oak Wood casks. The result is an exclusive and bountiful work of liquid art. Leaving a sashaying impression is unmatched smoothness, with its Peaty, Honey and Malty Finishing.


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Iris Reserve Whisky has a complex Golden Fossil Yellow colour, which shines like the brightest of cut Sapphhire stones, packaged with a remarkable splendor.


Rich peaty overtones with distinct Malty traces laced with a subtle Woody character.

Palate & Finish

Iris Reserve Whisky has a Mature flavor which originates from the complexities of the Oak wood aroma texture. Floral, Peaty & Smokey are discovered on the palate. The finishing of the blends is extraordinarily smooth with a long-lasting, strikingly memorable taste.

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