Jack Daniels Honey whisky 1L
Jack Daniels Honey 700ml
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Jack Daniels Honey 700ml

Price: 3,499/-

Jack Daniels Honey is a mix of regular Old No 7 and a spiced honey liqueur. It’s got spice, sweetness, floral undertones and a long smooth finish. Drink over ice, chilled or even in a cup of coffee – it’s rather tasty.

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The Jack Daniels Honey is a unique blend of honey liquer, made from mixing a little bit of honey and a whole lot of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

The blend has complex floral and spicy hints on the nose. Even though it is only a little bit of honey, this content is highly noticeable, giving the drink a thick and oily texture on the palate. Complex hints of sweet milky coffee, dark chocolate and demerara sugar are also noticeable. The finish is spicy and sweet, with cinnamon heat, vanilla fudge and of course, honey.

The drink is best served over ice, sipped in the company of a great mix of people, preferably, in an outdoor setting with a view. But you can get adventures on this.[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J7kLmB19pA” align=”center”]


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