Jagermeister 350ml


Jagermeister 350ml is a premium herbal liqueur made from 56 botanicals. Known for its distinct taste, it’s perfect for shots or cocktails. Available for 24/7 delivery in Nairobi.


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Jagermeister 350ml
Jagermeister 350ml 1,599/-

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Jagermeister, the world-renowned herbal liqueur, offers a unique and bold experience in every sip. This 350ml bottle is perfect for those who appreciate the complex flavors crafted from a secret blend of 56 botanicals. Originating from Germany, Jagermeister has become a global icon since its creation in 1934.

Tasting Notes


  • Deep amber color with a golden hue.


  • Rich and complex with notes of citrus, spices, and a hint of sweetness.


  • Bold and balanced, featuring a blend of spicy, sweet, and bitter flavors. Key notes include licorice, citrus, ginger, and a subtle herbal finish.


  • Smooth, lingering with a warm, spicy aftertaste.

Accolades and Recognition

Jagermeister has garnered numerous accolades over the years, praised by both critics and consumers alike. Its unique flavor profile has earned it a place in the World Spirits Awards and various international spirit competitions. Renowned for its versatility, Jagermeister is celebrated for its ability to be enjoyed as a shot, in cocktails, or even as a culinary ingredient.

Product History and Little-Known Facts

Jagermeister was created by Curt Mast, a passionate hunter and skilled distiller. The name “Jagermeister” translates to “Master Hunter,” a tribute to Mast’s love of hunting. The iconic label features a stag and a cross, inspired by the legend of Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. This rich heritage is reflected in every bottle of Jagermeister, making it not just a drink, but a piece of history.

The Craftsmanship Behind Jagermeister

Jagermeister is meticulously crafted using a time-honored recipe that includes a diverse range of herbs, blossoms, roots, and fruits from around the world. Each botanical is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and distinctive flavor. The ingredients are steeped in alcohol and water for several weeks before undergoing a series of filtration processes. The resulting liquid is aged in oak barrels for up to a year, allowing the flavors to mature and harmonize.

Enjoy Jagermeister Your Way

Whether you’re enjoying Jagermeister as a chilled shot or mixing it into your favorite cocktails, this versatile liqueur always delivers a remarkable experience. Try it in a classic Jager Bomb, combined with energy drink, or explore creative recipes like Jager Mule or Jagerita.

Explore our full range of liqueurs and discover more at Oaks & Corks. Order your bottle of Jagermeister 350ml today and experience the legacy of this legendary liqueur, delivered straight to your door in Nairobi 24/7.


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  • 350ml @ KES 1,599

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