JP. Chenet XO 75cl

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Our master-blender has created an exceptionally smooth brandy for your pleasure. The rich, complex flavours of this unique product can be enjoyed on its own, over ice or in your favourite cocktail.


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Origin – France

For our French Brandies, harvests come from different regions of France: mainly Champagne, Cognac and South of France. Our French Brandies are made from white varietals such as Colombard, Ugni-Blanc or Chardonnay.

Elaboration – France

1. Winemaking

harvesting, pressing, then fermentation during 3 weeks. White wine with strong acidity and low alcohol (9% vol) is required to lead further a good distillation.

2. Distillation

When boiling in a pot still, the alcoholic vapors, water and numerous aromatic compounds rise upward and are collected in a condenser where they become liquid again. The distillation process is carried out twice.

3. Ageing

We lead the ageing process in the North-East of France at Petersbach village. Brandies are patiently aged in small oak barrels of 500 liters or in bigger oak tanks. During this process, there is a 2% loss of volume per year, due to evaporation. We call it « La part des anges » (« Angels’ share »…)

4. Blending

Like a Cognac, different Brandies from various casks are tasted and blended together by the oenologist and cellar master team, until the final result.



A beautiful golden amber colour.


Complex, warm, subtly woody flavours with a very smooth palate.


For an aperitif, to drink neat, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail.

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