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Leopard's Leap Chenin Blanc 2022 750ml
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Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc 2022, a 750ml bottle of South African elegance, offers a vibrant and refreshing taste. With notes of guava, pear, and green apple, this wine is perfect for those who appreciate a crisp, aromatic white wine. Its balanced acidity and fruit-driven palate make it an ideal companion for a variety of dishes or to enjoy on its own.

Introduction to Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc 2022

Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc 2022 is a testament to the winery’s commitment to producing high-quality, accessible wines. Originating from the fertile vineyards of South Africa, this Chenin Blanc is crafted with the utmost care, reflecting the unique terroir of its origin.

Tasting Notes

Upon pouring, you’re greeted with a brilliant, pale gold hue. The nose is a delightful bouquet of ripe guava, pear, and green apple, complemented by subtle hints of honey and floral undertones. On the palate, Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc 2022 is refreshingly crisp, showcasing a perfect balance between acidity and fruitiness. The finish is clean and lingering, inviting another sip.


While specific accolades for the 2022 vintage may still be forthcoming, Leopard’s Leap has consistently been recognized for its excellence in winemaking. Previous vintages have garnered praise and awards from wine critics and competitions alike, underscoring the winery’s reputation for quality and innovation. Keep an eye on our Awards and Accolades page for updates on this vintage’s achievements.

A Little History and Facts

Leopard’s Leap was established with a clear mission to offer a wide range of versatile, high-quality wines to wine lovers around the globe. The winery is not only known for its exceptional products but also for its commitment to conservation, particularly the protection of the majestic Cape Leopard. Each bottle sold contributes to this noble cause, adding an extra layer of satisfaction for the consumer.

Chenin Blanc, a versatile grape variety originally from the Loire Valley in France, has found a particularly congenial home in South Africa. The country’s winemakers have embraced this variety, making it their own with a style that’s both expressive and refreshing. Leopard’s Leap’s Chenin Blanc is a prime example of this successful adaptation, offering a wine that’s both approachable and sophisticated.

Pairing Suggestions

This Chenin Blanc is incredibly versatile, pairing beautifully with a wide range of dishes. It’s particularly well-suited to seafood, chicken, and salads, but its crisp acidity makes it a perfect match for South African cuisine and spicy dishes as well.


Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc 2022 is more than just a bottle of wine; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or new to the world of wine, this Chenin Blanc promises to deliver pleasure and sophistication to any occasion. Order yours today from Oaks & Corks and enjoy swift delivery anywhere in Nairobi.

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