Mucho Mas Vino Blanco 1.5L


Mucho Mas Vino Blanco 1.5L: A white wine from Spain’s heartland, bursting with crisp, fruity nuances and a tantalising finish.


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Mucho Mas Vino Blanco 1.5L
Mucho Mas Vino Blanco 1.5L 3,989/-

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Mucho Mas Vino Blanco, an epitome of Spanish winemaking craft. Hailing directly from Spain’s iconic vineyards, this wine promises a journey for the senses, all conveniently bottled in a generous 1.5L. Thanks to Oaks & Corks, Nairobi’s wine enthusiasts can revel in this Spanish treasure.


2023 James Suckling: Mucho Más white

2023 Sakura Wine Awards: Mucho Más white
2022 AWC Vienna: Mucho Más white
2022 Mundus Vini: Mucho Más white
2022 Frankfurt International Trophy: Mucho Más white
2022 Gilbert & Gaillard: Mucho Más white

2023 Concurso Mundial de Bruselas: Mucho Más white
2023 Concurso de Vinos Casino de Madrid: Mucho Más white
2023 Bacchus: Mucho Más white
2022 The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business: Mucho Más white
2022 Challenge International du Vin: Mucho Más white
2022 Baco: Mucho Más white

A Journey Back in Time

The history of Vino Blanco is deeply rooted in Spain’s rich wine culture. For centuries, local vineyards have perfected the art of producing white wine, harmonising tradition with innovation. The ‘Mucho Mas’ label translates to ‘Much More’, emphasising that this wine delivers beyond just taste – it offers an experience, a story, and a rich legacy.

Oaks & Corks – Nairobi’s Wine Connoisseurs

At Oaks & Corks, we’re committed to bringing the world’s finest to Nairobi. Whether you’re a seasoned wine aficionado or a curious explorer, our diverse wine selection caters to all palates. With our swift 24/7 delivery, your favourite wines are just a click away.


Mucho Mas Vino Blanco 1.5L isn’t just a wine; it’s Spain bottled up. A testament to tradition, flavour, and passion. Embrace the Spanish zest for life with every sip. Order now and let Oaks & Corks elevate your wine experience.

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  • 1.5L @ KES 3,989

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