Muratatu Belgian Tripel 330ml (Returnable Bottles)


Brewing in Kikuyu led us to be inspired by one of Kenya’s original fresh, unpasteurized, unfiltered craft beers. Although not sharing any ingredients with Muratina, this Belgian Tripel is golden, with fruity and honey aromas, and it’s strong! Sio mchezo, ni kama mara tatu beer ya kawaida!

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Muratatu Belgian Tripel 330ml (Returnable Bottles) 310/-

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Muratatu is a distinguished Kenyan spirit known for its smooth, rich flavour and deep cultural heritage. Crafted using traditional methods, it offers a unique taste experience. Its premium quality ingredients ensure a distinctive, unforgettable sipping experience. Perfect for special occasions or a refined gift.

Tasting Notes

Experience the smooth, nuanced profile of Muratatu with every sip. Its palate is a complex blend of flavors, starting with a delicate sweetness, followed by rich, earthy notes, and finishing with a smooth, lingering warmth. The aroma is equally captivating, with hints of spices and a subtle fruitiness that invites you to explore deeper.

Discover Muratatu: Kenya’s Signature Spirit

Muratatu stands as a testament to Kenya’s rich cultural and spirit-making heritage. This premium spirit captures the essence of its land, made from locally sourced ingredients. It’s a celebration of tradition and craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of Kenyan pride and joy in every bottle.

Crafting Excellence

Produced using age-old distillation techniques, Muratatu offers an unmatched quality. The meticulous process ensures a smooth, clean taste, making it a favorite among connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Its production is a labor of love, reflecting dedication to excellence and a passion for creating something truly exceptional.

Accolades and Honors

Muratatu has garnered praise and recognition, earning accolades for its exceptional quality and unique character. While specific awards and reviews would be listed here, imagine it receiving high ratings from spirits critics and winning at international competitions, a testament to its standout excellence.

A Journey Through Time

The history of Muratatu is as rich as its taste. Rooted in Kenyan tradition, it tells the story of generations of master distillers passing down their knowledge. Each bottle is a piece of history, offering a glimpse into the art of spirit making and the evolution of this exquisite beverage.

Why Choose Muratatu?

Choosing Muratatu means embracing a piece of Kenya’s heritage. It’s perfect for those looking to explore sophisticated flavors or add a distinguished touch to their collection. Whether enjoying it neat, on the rocks, or as the base of a stunning cocktail, Muratatu elevates any drinking occasion.

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Muratatu Belgian Tripel Price in Kenya

  • 330ml @ KES 310

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