Peñasol White Semi Sweet Prisma 1L


The wine is named from the place where it has been elaborated: the sunny Valley of the Rocks, the ancient name of Valdepeñas, by the river Jabalon’s banks.

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Peñasol White Semi Sweet Prisma 1L is a harmonious blend of rich aromas and flavors. Originating from Spain, this wine offers a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity. Its fruity bouquet is dominated by tropical notes, making it a perfect companion for light meals or as a refreshing aperitif.

Exquisite Taste of Spain
Peñasol White Semi Sweet Prisma 1L is more than just a wine; it’s a celebration of Spanish viticulture. Crafted with meticulous care, this semi-sweet white wine encapsulates the essence of Spain’s rich winemaking heritage.

Tasting Notes On the palate, Peñasol White Semi Sweet Prisma offers a delightful balance between sweetness and acidity. The first sip reveals a burst of tropical fruit flavors, followed by subtle hints of citrus and floral notes. Its finish is smooth and lingering, leaving a refreshing aftertaste that invites another sip.

Accolades and Recognition While Peñasol White Semi Sweet Prisma may not boast a long list of awards, its quality and taste have consistently garnered positive reviews from wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Its approachable flavor profile makes it a favorite among those who appreciate a well-balanced semi-sweet wine.

A Journey Through History The origins of Peñasol wines trace back to the heart of Spain’s wine country, where generations of winemakers have honed their craft. This particular wine is a testament to the region’s ability to produce wines that are both accessible and of high quality.

Perfect Pairings Peñasol White Semi Sweet Prisma is versatile when it comes to food pairings. It complements a wide range of dishes, from light salads and seafood to spicy Asian cuisine. It’s refreshing nature also makes it an excellent choice for sipping on its own or with light appetizers.

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  • 1 Litre Boxed @ KES 939

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