Rémy Martin 1738 70cl Gift bag


Rémy Martin 1738 70cl Gift Bag offers a luxurious cognac experience. Named after a royal recognition, this blend boasts rich, smooth flavours with notes of fig, toffee, and toasted bread. Ideal for gifting, it comes beautifully packaged in a stylish gift bag.

Rémy Martin 1738 70cl

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal is an exceptionally smooth take, uniquely curated to sit between the Rémy Martin’s VSOP and XO signature style. This blend has an attractive red/gold color that leaves a thin coat on swirling. The nose opens up with a very sweet, and distinctive jam like smell with an admixture of floral scents. On the palate is the balanced flavors of vanilla and dried fruits. Best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a classic cocktail.

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Gift Bag S Brown

The Luxurious Gift Bag S Brown offers a stylish and elegant way to present any gift. Made from high-quality materials, this small brown bag is perfect for any occasion, adding a sophisticated touch to your presents.

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Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal 70cl is not just a cognac; it’s a story of legacy, craftsmanship, and royal recognition. Named after the royal decree of 1738, granted by King Louis XV of France, this exceptional cognac celebrates the craftsmanship of Rémy Martin’s Cellar Master.

Tasting Notes

Rémy Martin 1738 is renowned for its rich and robust flavours. It greets the palate with a harmonious blend of ripe fig, toffee, and toasted bread, followed by subtle hints of dark chocolate and exotic spices. The nose reveals a delightful bouquet of plum and fig marmalade, rounded out with intense oaky notes of toffee and toasted bread, a signature of long maturation in French oak barrels.

Accolades and Awards

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal has been highly praised by connoisseurs and critics alike. It has received accolades from prestigious spirits competitions, such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, where it consistently earns high marks for its quality and craftsmanship. This cognac is a favourite among sommeliers and spirit enthusiasts for its complexity and smooth finish.

History and Heritage

In 1738, King Louis XV granted Rémy Martin the rare privilege to plant new vineyards, recognising the excellence of his cognac. This royal approval was a significant milestone and remains a testament to the unparalleled quality and dedication that goes into each bottle of Rémy Martin 1738.

The Perfect Gift

Elegantly presented in a stylish gift bag, Rémy Martin 1738 70cl makes an ideal gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a special celebration, this exquisite cognac is sure to impress and delight the recipient.

Why Choose Rémy Martin 1738?

  • Legacy of Excellence: With a history dating back to 1724, Rémy Martin is synonymous with superior quality and tradition.
  • Royal Recognition: Named after a royal decree, this cognac embodies the grandeur and refinement of French heritage.
  • Craftsmanship: Created by the Cellar Master, Rémy Martin 1738 is a blend of the finest eaux-de-vie aged in toasted oak casks.
  • Perfect for Gifting: Presented in a luxurious gift bag, it is the perfect present for any cognac lover.

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Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal 70cl is more than just a drink; it’s a celebration of heritage, quality, and the artistry of cognac making. Whether you’re a connoisseur or looking for the perfect gift, this exquisite cognac promises an unforgettable experience. Order now and indulge in the luxury of Rémy Martin 1738.

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Rémy Martin 1738 70cl

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Gift Bag S Brown

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