Rosso Nobile Alla Nocciola 75cl

The Alla Nocciola is a pleasantly delicious wine from the Rosso Nobile franchise. An irresistible combination of fruity red wine and hazelnuts curating a sweet, full and pleasantly delicious blend. This Rosso Nobile seduces the senses twice starting with the delicate aroma of dark, ripe fruits and hazelnuts. On the palate is an explosion of flavors given by the incredible taste of red grapes, nougat and hazelnuts. Whether as a companion to dark chocolate, chocolate desserts or pure as an aperitif, you will definitely enjoy the incredible quality of this elegant blend.

750ml - Bottle

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Flavour Profile

Light & Savory

Flavours & Spices

Grape, Hazelnut, Nougat


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