Rosso Nobile Cherry 75cl
Rosso Nobile Cherry 75cl
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Rosso Nobile Cherry 75cl

Price: 1,559/-

The Cherry blend from Rosso Nobile is a ruby red combination of fruity red wine and a touch of dark Morello cherries. If you’re a fan of fruity blends, you will definitely enjoy this Cherry flavor. On the nose is the aromatic expression of wine and sweet red cherries. The palate is a balance of sweetness followed by a perfect tart finish. It is not thick in texture nor does it have an artificial cherry flavor. Enjoy this fruity excitement with your favorite dessert, dark chocolate or even on its own.

750ml - Bottle

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"I am an absolute fan of the entire wine series, but this one surpasses them all! So delicious and will definitely not be missing at any celebration." - Steffen Höhne, Vivino

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