SKYY Vodka 750ml
SKYY Vodka 750ml
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SKYY Vodka 750ml

Price: 1,419/-

An exceptionally smooth, super-premium brand.


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The beginning of this ingenious spirit, Skyy Vodka, was motivated by a man in search of a better tasting vodka for his Martini. When he could not find any, he decided to make one by himself; a super-premium brand, exceptionally smooth, now loved and enjoyed worldwide.

The Skyy Vodka is clear on the nose with a slight dryness near the end. Smooth on the palate with a developing sharpness that delivers a warm, yet short finish.

The vodka is an industry pioneer of the innovative quadruple and triple filtration processes. Packed in cobalt blue bottle with a clear, adhesive label, the Skyy Vodka has 17 flavour variations known as Skyy Infusions, all made of fruit.

Tempted to try? Something remarkable awaits![vc_video link=”” align=”center”]

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