Two Simple Recipes for Making Mojito Cocktails.

Mojito cocktails or mocktails are one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Turns out Cubans have been enjoying mojito from as early as the early 19th Century before they decided to share secret recipe with the rest of the world. And we have all since grown to love them (the mojitos, not Cubans). Perhaps for the fresh ingredients, such as the fresh mint, or watermelon in some cases, used in making mojito cocktails. Whichever your preference, just remember to serve in a Collins glass, nice and cold, close your eyes then refreshingly sip your way through a hot, sunny afternoon.How to make Mojito Cocktails

Below are three recipes you can try at home to make the mojito cocktail:

Method 1:


  • Fresh mint
  • Simple syrup (Remember, simple syrup is just equal parts of sugar and water)
  • Fresh lime juice
  • White rum
  • Ice cubes (lots of ice cubes)
  • Soda (optional)

How to:

  • Place some fresh mint into a shaker
  • In the same shaker, add 22 ml of simple syrup.
  • Use a wooden pestle to gently squash the mint in the shaker to extract its aroma
  • Add 22 ml of fresh lime juice
  • In the mixture, add 60 ml of white rum
  • Prep some ice by shaking
  • Strain the mint out (it does not taste as good as it smells plus you want everything out of the way when sipping this).
  • Serve in a Colin glass (you want lots of ice cubes in this)
  • Garnish with mint sprigs

Method 2:


  • Watermelon juice
  • Lime juice (2 table spoons)
  • 2 table spoons of sugar
  • Mint
  • Soda, preferaby Sprite
  • Ice cubes

How to:

  • Pour the 2 table spoons of lime juice in a shaker
  • Of the 2 table spoons of sugar, add 1 to the lime juice in the same shaker
  • Add 3-5 mint leaves. (tear them into smaller portions).
  • Gently muddle the mixture using a pestle
  • Halfway add water melon juice to the muddled mixture
  • Add a quarter glass of sprite in the mixture
  • Drop in some ice cubes
  • Garnish with a mint sprig


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