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8PM is a rare signature blend of Grain Whisky and Scotch to achieve the perfect balance of strength and smoothness. Made with the finest quality grains, this Whisky is an epitome of lavishness and quality drinking. Once you savour it’s rich, full-bodied, yet smooth taste, you’ll realize why it’s the ideal blend to help you unwind. Enjoy an unparalleled experience of taste and witness a royal marriage of finesse and elegance.


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8PM is a premium award-winning Indian Whisky brand. It is made from a mix of quality grains, a core that promises “thaath” (boldness and opulence).
8PM exhibits an unparalleled drinking experience. This is attributed to the finest quality grain used in its making. The blending with fine scotch makes 8PM an extremely smooth whisky.
The company, Rampur Distillery, owns other whisky brands, including Whytehall. They recently partnered with the world’s largest drinks conglomerate, Diageo.[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/iV3V1ibrPJA” align=”center”]

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