Duchessa Lia Asti Secco 75cl

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Duchessa Lia Asti Secco is a sparkling dry wine that preserves all the floral and fruit aromas of the Moscato Bianco variety. With a unique personality, it is the perfect apetrif or accompaniment to any meal, gratifying with each taste, and served at 4-5° Celcius.

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Duchessa Lia Asti Secco is a sparkling dry wine born from a new method of vinification of the Moscato Bianco grape and developed in collaboration with the research laboratory of the Consortium for the Protection of Asti DOCG , which allows, thanks to particular conditions of contact with the yeasts, to obtain a dry version of Asti. This is an original and surprising result with a balanced and harmonious gustatory and olfactory picture.

This innovative sparkling wine is characterized by a fine, persistent and pleasant perlage on the palate and by a floral scent, with hints of lime and acacia; the color ranges from straw to pale golden and the flavor is dry, delicately balanced.

It is perfect as an aperitif, it goes well with fish dishes, crustaceans, fresh cheeses and cold cuts and, thanks to its delicately dry flavor, it can pleasantly accompany the whole meal.

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