Electio Merlot 2019 750ml


It stands out for its pronounced fruit and berry aroma with nuances of cornelian cherry, mulberry, ripe cherry, and blueberry, supplemented by the hints of blackberry and accentuated creamy vibes. It is flavorful and well balanced on the palate, with smooth silky tannins and a long, exquisite aftertaste.


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Electio Merlot 2019 750ml is a sophisticated red wine, known for its velvety texture and deep flavours. Crafted with care, this vintage embodies the essence of Merlot grapes, offering a palate of ripe blackberries, plums, and a hint of oak. Its balanced acidity and smooth tannins make it a perfect companion for a variety of dishes. Enjoy the elegance of Electio Merlot, a testament to premium winemaking.


Discover the luxurious depth of Electio Merlot 2019, a meticulously crafted red wine that captures the heart of wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. This 750ml bottle hails from prestigious vineyards, renowned for their quality and innovation in winemaking. Electio Merlot 2019 stands as a paragon of elegance and complexity, offering an unforgettable sipping experience.

Tasting Notes

The Electio Merlot 2019 is distinguished by its rich ruby colour and a complex bouquet of aromas. On the nose, it presents an enticing blend of ripe blackberries and plums, underpinned by subtle hints of vanilla and oak, acquired through careful aging. The palate is treated to a symphony of flavours, with the juicy richness of dark fruits balanced perfectly by notes of chocolate and a gentle smokiness. The finish is long and satisfying, with velvety tannins that speak to the wine’s superb structure and balance.


While specific accolades for the Electio Merlot 2019 may not be readily available, its lineage and craftmanship position it among the noteworthy mentions in wine circles. Wines from this label have consistently received praise for their quality and taste. For the latest awards and critical acclaim, visit our awards section on Oaks & Corks Awards.

The Electio Legacy

Electio wines are a testament to the art of winemaking, with a history steeped in tradition and a forward-looking approach to viticulture and oenology. The 2019 Merlot is a product of this legacy, embodying the passion and expertise that goes into every bottle. Grown in optimal conditions and harvested at the peak of ripeness, the grapes undergo a meticulous winemaking process to ensure the wine’s superior quality and distinctive character.

Pairing and Enjoyment

Electio Merlot 2019 pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods. Its balanced acidity and robust flavour profile make it an ideal match for red meats, hearty pasta dishes, and aged cheeses. To fully appreciate its depth and complexity, serve at a slightly cool room temperature. Whether it’s a special occasion or a quiet evening at home, this wine promises to enhance the moment with its refined taste and luxurious feel.


Embark on a journey of taste with Electio Merlot 2019, a wine that not only exemplifies the pinnacle of winemaking but also offers an experience that lingers in memory. With its rich flavours, elegant structure, and the promise of excellence, it stands as a choice selection for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Explore our collection of wines and order your bottle today at Oaks & Corks.

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  • 750ml @ KES 1,249

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